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Nail board.

Item No.1882
1 piece
NF1127-121, size: 17.8x2.0x0.4cm, 3 assorted colors: 141c, 2444c, 2180c and print, Packaging: Plastic seal + EAN code sticker

Glass file.

Item No.1881
1 piece
NF815M-5, size: 14.0x1.2x0.3cm, 3 assorted colors: 141c, 2444c, 2180c, Packaging: OPP sleeve + EAN code sticker

Metal nail file.

Item No.1883
1 piece
Size: 11.7 cm, plastic handle, 3 assorted colors: 141c, 2444c, 2180c, No package just barcode sticker

Eyelash curler.

Item No.1887
1 piece
EC001P, size:10.6cm, chrome finished, the handle w/dip rubber, w/silicon rubber, 3 assorted colors: 141c, 2444c, 2180c, No packaging, only EAN code sticker

Peach Beauty Blackhead remover.

Item No.023
1 piece
3 power settings. Incl. 4 adjustable heads (ex 3x AA batt)

Rose quartz roller.

Item No.051
1 piece
Material: Xinshanyu Quartz pink stone; Size:14 x 4.5 x 2.1cm; Weight: 70Gr

Nail buffer 7 ways.

Item No.1885
1 piece
W/7WAYS, size: 18x2.2x1.6cm, 7 steps sand paper,3 assorted colors: combination of 141c, 2444c, 2180c, a lighter version of these colors and white and numbers 1 to 7, Incl. plastic seal and barcode sticker

Magnetic eyelash set.

Item No.2338
1 piece
Synthetic eyelashes with magnet incl. magnet eyeliner, mirror and tweezer.

Ice Roller Basic.

Item No.2038
1 piece
material: Plastic/ PP head contains gel; Size: 18.8x8.4x5.5cm; Weight: 110g; Color: 1 color handle with 1 color logo;