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Shampoo soap bar .

Item No.849
1 piece
Packaging: brown paper craft full color box; Soap: round shape, 60 gram

Charcoal soap bar.

Item No.216
1 piece
Charcaol soap bar, 150 gr. For deep cleaning of face and body. Carton packaging with window and soap is wrapped with plastic.

Bath soap roses .

Item No.603
9 x 5 gram
Incl. all required documents to arrange PIF

Trida de Luxe toiletsoap.

Item No.167
3x100G per consumer unit
Inci: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Aqua, Talc, Glycerin, Palm Acid, Perfum, Sodium Choloride, Palm Kernel Acid, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, CI 77891