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Handy Garment Steamer
Artikel-Nr. 1036
1 stuk 220V-240V 50Hz 600W, Watertank: 100ml, continuous steam working 6 min with electric pump
CleanRite Multi Scrubber
Artikel-Nr. 530
1 stuk + 2 opzetborstels Large brush head + 1 extra cone bristle; PVC Blister
CleanRite Multi Scrubber Opzetborstel Kit
Artikel-Nr. 541
1x Smal Opzetborstel, 1x Sponshouder, 4x Sponsjes 1x smal brushhead, 1x spongeholder head and 4 different sponges
Mobile Dampfbürste
Artikel-Nr. S-0561
1 stuk Watertank 60ml, Including fabric brush, 7 different colors, Compact and light, easy for traveling