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Heat bag sealer.

Item No.409
1 piece
Available in several colors. With unique built in bag opener and safety lock. Batteries not included. Comes with magnet strip on the back side.

Heat bag sealer.

Item No.408
1 piece
Available in 2 colors. To seal plastic bags. With built in lithium batteries and lockable safety press bar.

Heat bag sealer.

Item No.394
1 piece
To seal any kind of plastic/ alum bag. Available in 2 colors. Batteries not included.

Heat bag sealer.

Item No.393
1 piece
Available in 6 colors. With unique built in bag opener. Batteries not included. Comes with magnet strip on the back side.

Silvergear Smart Safety Car Tracker incl. Charger.

Item No.133
1 piece
Phone charger (2x USB), Car Locator (Bluetooth), Parking reminder (via App),

Silvergear Gimbal smart phone stabilizer .

Item No.194
1 piece
Automatic tracking of face or object, Dimensions: 123 x 112 x 345 cm, weight: 455g

Silvergear Foldable keyboard with touchpad.

Item No.1054
1 piece
Material: Aluminium + ABS; Battery: 140mAh Lithium-ion Battery; Keys: 70 Keys; Feature: Folding & Mini; Support: Windows, Android & iOS

Gimbal Selfie stick tripod.

Item No.1120
1 piece
Material: aluminium; Batt. capacity: 65mAh; Rotate part batt. capacity:450MAH; Li-ion Battery(Bracket) Flex Section:57)Net weight: 250

Silvergear Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad.

Item No.295
1 piece
Plug & Play: 2,4 G USB receiver