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Make Up Blender Sponge Latex Free
Item No. S-0693
1 piece Available in drop-shaped or gourd-shaped
Make up sponge eraser
Item No. 020
1 piece Material: plastic; Color: variation possible
Make up sponge lipstick shape
Item No. 984
1 piece For applying concealer also in small lines.
Make-up blending sponges
Item No. 653
2 pieces Duo packaging of mini and medium sponges.
Make up brush microphone shape
Item No. 1558
1 piece Material: ABS handle+silicon cover+nylon hair, size 30x30x190mm
Mouth & lipstick shaped sponges
Item No. 140
2 pieces Size lip: 41*78*20mm /lipstick: 27*80*20mm
Heart shaped sponges
Item No. 139
2 pieces Size: 50*40*20mm
Beauty Star Pop-up Make Up sponge Display
Item No. 041
1 piece Pet set 6pcs: 4 big (dia 4x1,5cm), 2 small (dia 4x 1cm), 4 mix colours: pink set (YellowC 1x /211C 1x /177C 1x / 225C 2x small & 1x big ). Blue set: White 2x small, 1x big /317C 1x /229C 1x /333C 1x .