Kids Flashtimer Toothbrush set Panda

Item No. 289
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Description Kids Flashtimer Toothbrush set Panda
Description 2 1 piece + cup
Quality Line 1 Handle: ABS757; Front cover: ABS920; Button: PVC 45; Rinse cup: PP; Stand up blister + cup (incl. print) + flash tb 2 min
Quality Line 2 White Herox 610; Tufts: 22; Brisltes/Tuft: 58 (avg); Diameter: 0.152mm; 2 Components; incl. battery 2xAG3 (0%Hg); Stand up PET Blister
Quality Line 3 End rounded 90%, Ergonomic design, Non-replaceable batteries; Backing card: paper 400 gsm SS; Blister cover: PET 0.35mm
Languages On Packaging NL/EN/DE/FR
Tariff No. 9603 21 00
Lead Time Calculation 90D
Minimum Order Quantity 9984
Quantity Per Pallet 1104
Gross Weight 0
Net Weight 0
Battery Included False