OptiSmile Floss Thread

Item No. S-0088
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Description OptiSmile Floss Thread
Description 2 50 mtr
Quality Line 1 Nylon 840D/80T(also available in 630D, 700D, 1050D, 1260D), PFTE 1000D, PFTE 1200D, Waxed, Mint flavour, Fluoride dental floss, Expanding floss
Quality Line 2 Ingrediënts: Cera microcristallina, Cera alba, Mint aroma, Silica
Quality Line 3 PET blister, With blister backcard, different containers available on request
Tariff No. 3306 20 00
Lead Time Calculation 90D
Minimum Order Quantity 1000
Quantity Per Pallet 0
Gross Weight 0
Net Weight 0
Battery Included False