OptiSmile Bamboo Toothbrush

Item No. 417
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Description OptiSmile Bamboo Toothbrush
Description 2 1 piece
Quality Line 1 Complete brush: +/- 8 gram Bamboo toothbrush. Item size:19.0*1.4*0.6CM. ,Incl. logo on handle
Quality Line 2 Bristles: Nylon bristles. Nylon 610. 18MM. Packing: with brown carton box + 2 transparant closing stickers
Quality Line 3 Bristle retention force 18N
Languages On Packaging EN/NL/FR/DE/PL/CZ/IT/SK/ES
Tariff No. 9603 21 00
Lead Time Calculation 90D
Minimum Order Quantity 25920
Quantity Per Pallet 10080
Gross Weight 0
Net Weight 0
Battery Included False