OptiSmile Charcoal Whitening Powder

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Description OptiSmile Charcoal Whitening Powder
Description 2 30 gram
Quality Line 1 Charcoal bleaching Teeth Whitening Powder. Flavour: mint, 30g/pc. 100% coconut shell powder
Quality Line 2 Packaging: PP can + 2 selfadhesive stickers 1 on top, 1 around the container, full color + 2 pantone colors
Quality Line 3 Whitens teeth. Use little powder on your toothbrush after normally brushing teeth.
Tariff No. 3306 10 00 00
Lead Time Calculation 90D
Minimum Order Quantity 241920
Quantity Per Pallet 4320
Gross Weight 0
Net Weight 0
Battery Included False