Silvergear Gimbal smart phone stabilizer

Item No. 194
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Description Silvergear Gimbal smart phone stabilizer
Description 2 1 piece
Quality Line 1 Automatic tracking of face or object, Dimensions: 123 x 112 x 345 cm, weight: 455g
Quality Line 2 Pitch angle: 325 degrees, Roll angle: 325 degrees, Panning angle: 330 degrees. 3 Axis; Battery: Lithium Ion; Battery 2 x 2000mAh; Discharging time: 8 hours
UPS 3 Incl.soft bag and mini tripod, built-in battery and app for Android&iOS
Tariff No. 9006 99 00 00
Lead Time Calculation 114D
Minimum Order Quantity 1000
Quantity Per Pallet 0
Battery Included True