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Silicone Toilet Brush.

Item No.2387
1 piece
Base size: 10x4,2x9,8cm, Handle diameter: 2,2cm, incl. mounting pad; Different colors available; Brush Length: 34,5cm; Weight: 0,09kg, Total weight: 0,16kg

Dishbrush Luxury.

Item No.S-0730
1 piece
Material: PP, Bristle PP, Steel wire; 80 x 270 x 60mm; Colour possibilities: plastic base white, colour elastomer handle, two coloured bristle

Cleanbrush Hand .

Item No.S-0016
1 piece
Nylon Hairs, PP Bristle, different Colors

Multifunction soft brush.

Item No.544
1 piece
With hanging option, Size base 15x6.5cm, hair length 2.5cm, color: can decide later

Window cleaner 2 in 1.

Item No.165
1 piece
Including cloth, squeegee and bottle

Dishbrush with suctioncup.

Item No.S-0645
1 piece
Material: body PP + TPR, fiber PET, 55 holes

Soap dispensing brush .

Item No.162
1 piece
Soap dispensing brush. Brush handle 1x, brush head 1x. Size:25.5*9.5*6cm

CleanRite Multiscrubbe Scrubbie Head.

Item No.535
1 pc
Attachment of Scrubbie pads necessary before cleaning

CleanRite Multiscrubber Medium Brush.

Item No.532
1 pc
Designed for areas: Tab Bases, Levers, Tile Grouting, Cooker Hobs, Dials, Rings, Toilet Hinges, Shower Grouting, Door Tracks, Shower Heads, Sink & Bath Plugholes, Sealant Edging, Window Sills & Frames, Skirting Board, Vents, Handles

CleanRite Multiscrubber Soft Brush.

Item No.534
1 pc
Designed for areas: Carpet, Upholstery, Apparel Staining, Painted Surfaces, Sensitive/Delicate Wooden/Glass Surfaces

CleanRite Multiscrubber Large Brush.

Item No.531
1 pc
Designed for areas: Cooker Hobs, Oven, Microwave, Fridge Walls, Sink, Bathrooms, Toilet Faucets, Rims, Lids, Tiles and Tiling

CleanRite Multiscrubber Cone Brush.

Item No.533
1 pc
Designed for areas: Gaps between taps & basins, Edging around plugholes, Gaps between toilet hinges & faucets, Corners(around baths, tiling, ovens, microwaves & fridges)

Dish brush - 4 colors mixed.

Item No.508
1 piece
4 color mix, Nylon brush, handle PP, size 27x8x4cm, weight 45gr