CleanRite Multiscrubber Medium Brush

Item No. 532
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Description CleanRite Multiscrubber Medium Brush
Description 2 1 pc
Quality Line 1 Designed for areas: Tab Bases, Levers, Tile Grouting, Cooker Hobs, Dials, Rings, Toilet Hinges, Shower Grouting, Door Tracks, Shower Heads, Sink & Bath Plugholes, Sealant Edging, Window Sills & Frames, Skirting Board, Vents, Handles
Quality Line 2 Household items such as: Shoes, Trainers, Toys, Ornaments and Sporting Goods
Tariff No. 9603 90 91
Lead Time Calculation 90D
Minimum Order Quantity 1000
Quantity Per Pallet 0
Gross Weight 0
Net Weight 0
Battery Included False