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Crafts&Co A3 Light pad.

Item No.328
1 pc
Zeer dunne body: 5 mm. Met schaalverdeling. Afmeting: 47*34.5*0.5cm, werkbaar gebied: 29*41cm. Gewicht: 896g

3Dandprint Printing Pen Gift box.

Item No.917
1pc, box full color printed
3d Pen with ABS/PLA switch button; 60gr, cord length 150cm

Peach Beauty Blackhead remover.

Item No.023
1 piece
3 power settings. Incl. 4 adjustable heads (ex 3x AA batt)

Optismile Electrical Interdental Cleaner.

Item No.1414
1 piece
Material: ABS; Dimensions: 50*175*30 cm (hand unit); Weight: 33g; Battery: 2 x AA battery (not included) Frequency: 8500rpm, Waterproof: IPX4

Cleanrite Turbo Scrubber Cleaning Tool.

Item No.121
1pc + 3 brush heads
Set contains: scrubber brush connector, extension handle, 1x dome brush, 1x cone brush, 1x flat brush, charger adapter, manual; Material: ABS, PP, aluminium, rubber; Charging time: 5 hours; Service time: 30-40 min; Battery: Lithium (Li-ion) 1800 mAh

Crafts&Co. Airbrush set.

Item No.972
1x airbrush gun + 1x compressor
Airbrush gun feed type: gravity. Control: Push Button. Nozzle Dia: 0.4mm. Length of the airbrush: 150mm. Cup capacity : 7CC.

CleanRite Turbo Duster.

Item No.1952
1pc + 2 brush heads
Set contains: 1x duster tool, 1x small brush, 1x large brush, 1x extension stem, manual; Material: ABS + syntetic fiber bristles; Size: 5.2 x 5.2 x 23.7cm; Rotation speed 250rpm; Batteries: 4x AA (not incl.); Ergonomic handle

Sketch projection tool.

Item No.992
1 piece
Materials: ABS + PC board; Weight: circa 100gram, weight incl clb circa 150gram

Makeup brush electric cleaner.

Item No.030
1 piece
Set contains: 1x bottle; 8x collars for different size brushes;

Silvergear Smart Powerplug 3-pack (10A).

Item No.1117
3 pieces
One key ON/OFF appliances, remote control, timing ON/OFF, with BLE quick connection function, relay status, light mode, switch log, Child Lock

Lightweight Spray Mop.

Item No.2055
1 piece
Spray mop with hand press handle, Material: PP + ABS + Iron Coating Tube, Size length: 128cm; KD tube; 360 rotation; water resevoir 400ml; incl. 1x micro cloth 41X14cm, 40gr.

Peach Beauty Manicure set.

Item No.1845
1 piece
Meaterial: PU leather; Size: 10.8x6.8x1.8cm, Set contains: 2x nail clipper, 1x scissor, 1x nail cleaner, 1x tweezer, 1x nail file

CleanRite Steam Cleaner set.

Item No.2463
1pc + 9 accessories
10 pieces set; Power: 220V~240V, 50/60 Hz, 900-1050W; Water tank 350ML; Warm up time: 3 minutes; Continuous steam working 7-10min; Steam flow 25g-40g/min; Power cord 2m; Max temp. 110℃, Pressure: 3 bar; Incl. child lock switch

Silvergear Bluetooth Scale White.

Item No.1129
Color: White; Size: 300 x 260 x 18mm, 6mm Tempered Glass; Analyses: Fat Rate, Hydration, Muscle, Bone, Viseral Fat, kcal, and BMI; Weight Graduation: 0,1kg/0.2lb

Heat bag sealer.

Item No.1043
1 piece
Available in 4 mixed colors (5 black, 3 white, 2 red, 2 mint

OptiSmile Bamboo Toothbrush.

Item No.417
1 piece
Complete brush: +/- 8 gram Bamboo toothbrush. Item size:19.0*1.4*0.6CM. ,Incl. logo on handle

Silvergear Bluetooth scale.

Item No.108
Color: Black; Size: 300 x 260 x 18mm, 6mm Tempered Glass; Analyses: Fat Rate, Hydration, Muscle, Bone, Viseral Fat, kcal, and BMI; Weight Graduation: 0,1kg/0.2lb

Sesamestreet Baby Toothbrush.

Item No.1402
2-pieces / Inner Carton 6x2 colors
Material: PP + Chinese Nylon 610 bristle 6mil

OptiSmile Charcoal Whitening Powder .

Item No.196
30 gram
Charcoal bleaching Teeth Whitening Powder. Flavour: mint, 30g/pc. 100% coconut shell powder

Fichero A4 Laminator.

Item No.2061
1 piece + 5 pouches
Housing material: ABS fire proof; Machine size: 330.5x106x60mm;Color: black with white printing; Weight: 0,93kgs; Volts/ Power: 230V 50Hz / 1.15A 265W; Cord length > 100cm + EU Plug;LED indicators: Power;

Soft for Hands Automatic Soap Dispenser Stainless Steel.

Item No.2064
1 piece
Material: polished stainless steel(S201)+ABS, 3 adjustabel modes, Capacity: 220ml, Size: 110x70x190mm, weight: 280gram

Phone Screen Amplifier.

Item No.1718
1 piece
Material: PVC Lens + PU Leather; amplifier: x3; Product size: 19,2 x 12 x 0,6 cm; Lens size: 8 inch

CleanRite household gloves.

Item No.522
Size L
Weight: 54 grams per pair; Flock sprayed; Packaging; polybag

Trida de Luxe toiletsoap.

Item No.167
3x100G per consumer unit
Inci: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Aqua, Talc, Glycerin, Palm Acid, Perfum, Sodium Choloride, Palm Kernel Acid, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, CI 77891

CleanRite household gloves.

Item No.521
Size M
Weight: 50 grams per pair; Flock sprayed; Packaging; polybag

OptiSmile Toothbrush Basic.

Item No.349
4 pcs
Dupont 610, 2 Components

3D Face & body massage roller.

Item No.2462
1 piece
Material: ABS+PC; Size:15.5x9x5.3cm; color rose gold

Silvergear Gaming mouse (RGB Light).

Item No.1081
1 piece
LED RGB Light; Cable: 1.5M Nylon Braided USB Cable; DPI: 800-6400 (6DPI Stages); 7D Macro Programmable Gaming Mouse

Silvergear Portable Video Game machine Red.

Item No.1126
1 piece
Hand-held portbale game console, 240 different gamest built in;

Portable Video Game machine Yellow.

Item No.1128
1 piece
Hand-held portbale game console, 240 different gamest built in;

Gaming keyboard.

Item No.1080
1 piece
Material: Metal + ABS Plastic; Cable: PVC, 3,4mm x 1,46M; Feature: Backlight in Rainbow Colors

Silvergear Bluetooth Headphone.

Item No.1035
1 piece
Color: Black & Red; Speaker Diameter: 40mm; Frequence: 20Hz ~ 20KHz; Impedance: 32Ω; Current: 40-40mA; Voltage: 3.5-5v; SNR: ≧90dB, THD:≦0.1%; Functions : Bluetooth (V4.0) FM, Card Ready (3 Functions)

Peach Beauty Mini fridge pink.

Item No.657
1 piece
Material: PP; Size fridge: 18x22x25cm; Weight: 1400gram (without packaging); Total weight with packaging: 1800gram; Voltage: DC 12V and AC 220-240V; Power: 45-60W

Silvergear Portable Video Game machine Grey.

Item No.1127
1 piece
Hand-held portbale game console, 240 different gamest built in;

Silvergear Smart Card holder Black.

Item No.883
1 piece
Material: Strong PU leather with aluminium casing; incl. Silvergear logo print; Suitable for 6 to 8 cards

LED Wifi smart bulb with App GU10.

Item No.1052
1 piece
weight bulb: 26gram, 4.7W, 400lm, RGB & White 2700K -6500K, Dimmable, scenes, schedule; BLE quick connection, Android & iOS; compatible with Google Assistant & Alexa