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Led bluetooth mini soundbar
Item No. 1221
1 piece Material: Led soundbar with metal grille; Colors: Led strip with 5 colors under the speaker; Size: 400 x 106 x 73mm
Pixeljet toner Xerox 6600/6605 (106R02231)
Item No. PT-X6605Y
Yellow - 6.000 pages
Pixeljet toner Xerox 6500/6505 (106R01594)
Item No. PT-X6505C
Cyan - 2.500 pages
Pixeljet toner Samsung CLT-P4092C
Item No. PT-SP4092C
Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow - 4x1.500 pages
Pixeljet Toner HP 201X (CF401X)
Item No. PT-H201X-C
1x cyan
Pixeljet multipack 907/903
Item No. PM-H907/903
4-pack: 1x black, 1x cyan, 1x magenta, 1x yellow
Pixeljet multipack HP 350/351XL
Item No. PM-H350/351
2 pack: 1xBlack, 1xColor
Pixeljet inkcartridge Canon PGI-550XL
Item No. PJ-C550
Black - 22ml
Mini Duo-player arcade game machine
Item No. 1099
1 piece Head to Head Arcade Machine, 300 built-in games, Two control pad for 2 players