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Brosse de nettoyage du visage en silicone
No. d'article 027
1 Piece Material: silicon, Battery: 400mAh Lithium battery operation, Item size: 9.7*6.5*3CM, weight without packaging: 70gram, Work with USB(30cm), Packaging: full color box
Nettoyant électrique brosse de maquillage
No. d'article 030
1 Piece Set contains: 1x bottle; 8x collars for different size brushes;
Peach Beauty Ensemble de manicure
No. d'article 1845
1 pièce Meaterial: PU leather; Size: 10.8x6.8x1.8cm, Set contains: 2x nail clipper, 1x scissor, 1x nail cleaner, 1x tweezer, 1x nail file
Peach Beauty Miroir LED double face pliable
No. d'article 656
1 Piece Color: white, Magnification: 1x and 5x, 4x AA battery (not included), weight: 395gram, folded size: 15x5.2cm, unfolded: 28.5cm
Peach Beauty Lime lèvres et Coupe-ongles
No. d'article 142
1 pièce Size: file 70*32*14mm / nail clipper: 11*55*15mm
Brosse nettoyante pour le visage en silicone
No. d'article 823
1 pièce Waterproof IPX7; including color box
Peach Beauty Pinceau de maquillage 5 en 1
No. d'article 055
1 pièce Material: nylon hair + PS handle, Packing: PET box with euro hanger
Peach Beauty Mini frigo rosa
No. d'article 657
1 Piece Material: PP, size fridge: 17x23x25cm, weight: 1500gram (without packaging), with 1x shelf and 1x door rack, with cooling & warming function, capacity: 4Liters, Insulation : PE foam, Packaging: full color box
Peach Beauty Dissolvant de points noirs
No. d'article 023
1 pièce 3 power settings. Incl. 4 adjustable heads (ex 3x AA batt)
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