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Rose quartz roller.

Art nr.051
1 stuk
Material: Xinshanyu Quartz pink stone; Size:14 x 4.5 x 2.1cm; Weight: 70Gr

Peach Beauty Mee-eter verwijderaar tool.

Art nr.023
1 stuks
3 power settings. Incl. 4 adjustable heads (ex 3x AA batt)

Make up brush electric cleaner .

Art nr.030
1 stuk
Set contains: 1x bottle; 8x collars for different size brushes;

Peach Beauty Manicure set.

Art nr.1845
1 stuk
Meaterial: PU leather; Size: 10.8x6.8x1.8cm, Set contains: 2x nail clipper, 1x scissor, 1x nail cleaner, 1x tweezer, 1x nail file

3D-massagerol voor gezicht en lichaam.

Art nr.2462
1 stuk
Material: ABS+PC; Size:15.5x9x5.3cm; color rose gold

Gezichts Sauna.

Art nr.2611
1 stuks
Accessories: 1pc counting cup,1 spice box; 1.8m Flat VDE cord; LED power indicator

Peach Beauty Mini koelkast roze.

Art nr.657
1 stuk
Material: PP; Size fridge: 18x22x25cm; Weight: 1400gram (without packaging); Total weight with packaging: 1800gram; Voltage: DC 12V and AC 220-240V; Power: 45-60W

Beautycase met LED-spiegel DELUXE.

Art nr.1733
1 stuk
Material: ABS+PC+TPE, Weight: 592gram, Size: 241mm×104mm×117mm, USB: 1 meter, Input: C5V 1A, Power: 3W, Lithium Battery: 1500mAh, NO FSC color box, with Touch ON/OFF switch

Peach Beauty Nagelschaartje lipvorm.

Art nr.142
1 stuk
Size: file 70*32*14mm / nail clipper: 11*55*15mm

Peach Beauty Make-up spiegel verlichting.

Art nr.238
1 stuk
6 LEDS, portable light bulbs for makeup application. Installs in seconds on the mirror due to the suction cups.

Xiuyan Jade Oog Buds.

Art nr.2138
2 stuk
Material: Xiuyan jade; Size: 4.5*3.8cm

Peach Beauty Opvouwbare dubbelzijdige LED-spiegel.

Art nr.656
1 stuk
Color: white, Magnification: 1x and 5x, 4x AA battery (not included), weight: 395gram, folded size: 15x5.2cm, unfolded: 28.5cm

Beautycase met LED-spiegel.

Art nr.1732
1 stuk
Material: PS, Weight: 466gram, Size: 104x241x114mm, LED: Daylight LED, color index ≥ 95, 5200k, with Touch ON/OFF switch

Peach Beauty 5 in 1 elektrische lichaamsverzorging.

Art nr.1583
1 stuk
Size: 33 x 10 cm, Battery: 3xAA (not incl), Material: ABS,PP; Device rotates: 2 speeds, packaging: full color box with PVC trtay

Peach Beauty Elektrische jade massage tool.

Art nr.029
1 stuk
Color: gold rose metal handle; head color : rose jade head, size: dia handel 1.5cm L15cm, jade head dia 2.5cm, weight: 70gram               

Opvouwbare LED-spiegel met telefoonhouder.

Art nr.2362
1 stuk
Material: ABS+ Aluminum Alloy+Glass, LED ring size: dia 16cm, Mirror size: dia 10cm, Bottom storage base size: dia 16x3.5cm, Working Height: 31-58cm, 64 Leds, 3-color lights: 3500-6000K, 10 levels of brightness, USB cable +-170cm

Draadloze elektrische krultang.

Art nr.2374
1 stuk
Content: Hair Curler, USB type-C, Manual, Size: 230x42x48mm, Weight: 329g, Power: 40watt, Battery: 21700 Lithium 4800mah 3.7v, Temperature : 4 gears 150-200C, Charging Time: 2hrs, Working Time: 40-55mins

Peach Beauty Siliconen gezichtsreinigingsborstel.

Art nr.027
1 stuk
Material: silicon, Battery: 400mAh Lithium battery operation, Item size: 9.7*6.5*3CM, weight without packaging: 70gram, Work with USB(30cm), Packaging: full color box

Beauty Star Pop-up Make Up Spons Display.

Art nr.041
1 stuk
Pet set 6pcs: 4 big (dia 4x1,5cm), 2 small (dia 4x 1cm), 4 mix colours: pink set (YellowC 1x /211C 1x /177C 1x / 225C 2x small & 1x big ). Blue set: White 2x small, 1x big /317C 1x /229C 1x /333C 1x .

Zenna Haarverdikker Wit.

Art nr.662
22 gram
Cotton hair fiber, Cellulose, Sodium Sulfate, Aluminum Silicate

Zenna Haarverdikker Lichtblond.

Art nr.667
22 gram
Cotton hair fiber, Cellulose, Sodium Sulfate, Aluminum Silicate

Zenna Haarverdikker Blond.

Art nr.665
22 gram
Cotton hair fiber, Cellulose, Sodium Sulfate, Aluminum Silicate

Zenna Haarverdikker Grijs.

Art nr.661
22 gram
Cotton hair fiber, Cellulose, Sodium Sulfate, Aluminum Silicate

Peach Beauty 5 in 1 make up kwast .

Art nr.055
1 stuk
Material: nylon hair + PS handle, Packing: PET box with euro hanger

Zenna Haarverdikker Medium Blond.

Art nr.666
22 gram
Cotton hair fiber, Cellulose, Sodium Sulfate, Aluminum Silicate

Zenna Haarverdikker Auburn.

Art nr.660
22 gram
Cotton hair fiber, Cellulose, Sodium Sulfate, Aluminum Silicate

Massage handschoen .

Art nr.034
1 stuk
Massage glove with 9 cold therapy rollers, 18.5x27x5cm, Color: to be decided later

Siliconen Make-up Borstel Reinigingspad.

Art nr.035
1 stuk
Material: 100% silicone rubber, with 4 different sections, Size: dia 10cm, Weight: 29 gram

Siliconen Mat voor Krul- en Stijltang.

Art nr.036
1 stuk
Material: silicone; Size: 22,54x16,50cm, Weight: 90 gram

Jade Roller HeiYao Shi.

Art nr.037
1 stuk
Colour: black; Size: 14,5 x 4,5 x 2,2 cm; Weight: 70 gram

Jade Roller Hanbai Shi.

Art nr.038
1 stuk
Colour: white; Size: 14,5 x 4,5 x 2,2 cm; Weight: 70 gram

Jade Rollers mix.

Art nr.039
1 stuk
3 assorted stones/colours: Clear white nature, Blue point stone or Jinsha brown glitter nature stone;

Jade roller Xiuyu .

Art nr.053
1 stuk
Material: Xiuyu stone, Color stone: green; 14 x 4.5 x 2.2cm; Weight: 70 gram

Handtas LED Lamp met Sensor incl. Batterij.

Art nr.060
1 stuk
Materials: ABS; Shapes: round & heart; Colour: white; 1C logo imprint on body

Bamboe Pads 16sts.

Art nr.085
16 stuks
4x white, 4x coral, 4x grey and 4x green blue

Spiegeltje lipvorm.

Art nr.143
1 stuk
Size: 85*70*8mm