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OptiSmile Tanden Whitening Kit.

Art nr.749
1 stuk
5 bulbs teeth whitening mini LED light; 3 x 3 ml teeth whitening syringe, 0,01% Peroxide

DIY Diamond Painting LED-lamp Eenhoorn.

Art nr.2222
1 Stuk
DP11, Double sided diamond painting with LED, Size: Acrylic lamp 120x4mm, Base dia 88 x 38mm, Content: 1x Base, 1x Acrylic lamp, 1x Glue, 1x Point diamond pen, 1x Tray, 1 set of Diamonds, 1x USB cable, Function: 7x colors, USB port and battery

Alles-in-één trimmer.

Art nr.2389
1 piece
All in one trimmer for nose, ears, eybrown, (small) hairs parts, beards and moustache; Incl. Small and Large clipper; Incl. LED for more precise trimming; Incl. Cleaningbrush; 2*AAA battery(Not included); Material: Plastic & stainless steel blade

LIDL EU Smartphone schets projector .

Art nr.1863
1 stuk
Materials: ABS + PC board; Packaging: knock down in colourbox

3D-massagerol voor gezicht en lichaam.

Art nr.2369
1 stuk
Material: ABS+PC; Size:15.5x9x5.3cm;

Bamboevezel doek (warp).

Art nr.2258
2 stukken
Material: 90% bamboo fiber, 10% polyester, Size: 30 x 30 cm, Weight: 520 gsm (47 gram), Warp knitting technique, Color: White or customized

DIY Zeefdruk Verf Kit.

Art nr.2743
1 stuk
Size: 21.4x12.9x3.6; Weight: 265g; 2x screen stencils: 12x17.8cm, material: gauze+paper

3D pen starter kit.

Art nr.2610
1 stuk
Set contains: 1x pen, USB cable 1.2m, EU adapter, 3x 5m PLA filaments, 3x stencils, 1x tracing pad, 1x manual 4 languages; Adjustable speed; Temperature: 230 C automatic adjust, Nozzle: dia 0.7mm, Voltage 100-240V

Lijm pistool 8 watt.

Art nr.979
1 lijmpistool + 2 lijmsticks
Glue gun power: 8 Watts, perfect for DIY or decoration

Diamant schilderij 30x30cm frame.

Art nr.2036
1 stuk
Diamond painting 30x30 cm with frame, Partial drill diamond decoration, MDF and pine material, assort 24 different matte gemstone, separate packed, tool kit: 1 container, 1 adhesive wax , 1 point pen and storage polybag

System Razors (Fe)Male.

Art nr.S-0579
1 handvat + 3 navulmesjes
5 blades cartridge, Metal Handle, Pivoting head, Glide strip with Aloe Vera & Vit E

Airbrush inkt.

Art nr.996
1 stuk
30ml in colourbox, Colour ink: any basic colour, Packaging: full colour box, one colour sticker on the bottle

Lijm sticks diverse kleuren.

Art nr.982
10 lijmsticks kleur
10 colored glue sticks for use with 8 Watt glue gun

Lijm sticks transparant.

Art nr.981
10 lijmsticks transparent
10 transparent glue sticks for use with 8 Watt glue gun

Lijm pistool promo pack.

Art nr.980
1 lijmpistool + 6 lijmsticks
Glue gun power: 8 Watts, perfect for DIY or decoration

Multifunctionele make-up kwast.

Art nr.978
1 stuk
Material: ABS handel and nylon hair

4-in-1 make-up kwast.

Art nr.977
1 stuk
4 brushes in 1. Sponge brushhead + Concealer brush incl color box


Art nr.970
1 stuk
1.4W, DC 3.0 Volt,21.000rpm

Airbrush set met USB.

Art nr.949
1x airbrush gun, 1x compressor
Metal airbrush gun, Output per min: 5L/min. Including USB cable and mini compressor, excluding USB adaptor

Inpakpapier snijder.

Art nr.927
1 stuk
Size 12x6cm, weight 50gram,

Duct Tape Gepersonaliseerd.

Art nr.925
1 stuk
9 mtr length + 4.5 cm width; thickness: 180um±10um; base material: pp+cloth; glue: Hot melt adhesive

Duct Tape Bedrukt.

Art nr.924
1 stuk
9 mtr length + 4.5 cm width; thickness: 180um±10um; base material: pp+cloth; glue: Hot melt adhesive

Duct Tape .

Art nr.923
1 stuk
9 mtr length + 4.5 cm width; thickness: 180um±10um; base material: pp+cloth; glue: Hot melt adhesive

3D Mix PLA Filament 10m 1.75mm.

Art nr.916
2x 12 kleuren
Colors: Black, White, Red, Electric Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Orange, Silver, Light Blue, Fluor Pink & Glow in the dark

3Dandprint Printing Pen Starterkit.

Art nr.915
1 stuk
Molding speed: adjustable, Temperature: 200-240 degrees automatic adjust

Puzzel maker starterkit.

Art nr.754
1 stuks
Material: ABS plastic

Hot foil applicator (los).

Art nr.753
1 stuk, toegevoegd aan 750
5xgold & 5x silver foil (0.012mm dikte, 158*158mm)
Niet beschikbaar

Hot Foil Starter Kit Set.

Art nr.751
1 piece
10 Kaarten + 5x zilver folie + 5x goud folie + 1 Plastic hoes

Papier embosser.

Art nr.730
1 stuk
Product size: 17x13,5x3.5cm / 12-different embossing designs available to choose from.

Badspons kiwi.

Art nr.326
1 stuk
With polybag, size sponge: 17*14.5*3 CM

Mini embossing-machine.

Art nr.319
1 stuk
Cutting & Embossing Machine, size: 21*13*6cm

A5 Houten puzzel olifant.

Art nr.2492
1 stuk
Size: 18x17.5cm, Weight: 98g, Material: Plywood (0.49cm thickness)

A5 Houten puzzel wolf.

Art nr.2491
1 stuk
Size: 22x14.5cm, Weight: 117g, Material: Plywood (0.49cm thickness)

A5 Houten puzzel leeuw.

Art nr.2490
1 stuk
Size: 20x14.8cm, Weight: 112g, Material: Plywood (0.49cm thickness)

A5 Houten puzzel uil.

Art nr.2488
1 stuk
Size: 16.7x11cm, Weight: 109g, Material: Plywood (0.49cm thickness)

A4 Houten puzzel eenhoorn.

Art nr.2487
1 stuk
Size: 29.7x22.8cm, Weight: 137g, Material: Plywood (0.49cm thickness)