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Cleanrite Turbo Scrubber Cleaning Tool.

Art nr.121
1st + 3 opzet borstels
Set contains: scrubber brush connector, extension handle, 1x dome brush, 1x cone brush, 1x flat brush, charger adapter, manual; Material: ABS, PP, aluminium, rubber; Charging time: 5 hours; Service time: 30-40 min; Battery: Lithium (Li-ion) 1800 mAh

CleanRite Turbo Duster.

Art nr.1952
1 st + 2 opzetborstels
Set contains: 1x duster tool, 1x small brush, 1x large brush, 1x extension stem, manual; Material: ABS + syntetic fiber bristles; Size: 5.2 x 5.2 x 23.7cm; Rotation speed 250rpm; Batteries: 4x AA (not incl.); Ergonomic handle

CleanRite stoomreinigerset.

Art nr.2463
1 st + 9 accessoires
10 pieces set; Power: 220V~240V, 50/60 Hz, 900-1050W; Water tank 350ML; Warm up time: 3 minutes; Continuous steam working 7-10min; Steam flow 25g-40g/min; Power cord 2m; Max temp. 110℃, Pressure: 3 bar; Incl. child lock switch

Draadloze handreinigingsborstelset.

Art nr.322
1 stuk + 4 accessoires
Cordless handheld electric scrubber, set contains: 1x fine brush, 1x crevice cleaning brush, 1x hard brush, 1x scouring pad, works with 4x AA-battery (not incl.)

Soft for Hands Automatische Zeepdispenser RVS.

Art nr.2064
1 stuk
Material: polished stainless steel(S201)+ABS, 3 adjustabel modes, Capacity: 220ml, Size: 110x70x190mm, weight: 280gram


Art nr.2970
1 stuk
Function: Reject spiders, mosquito, insect, mouse and cockroach; Type: EU Plug and play ultrasonic with night light type; Per unit; operating temperature range: 0-40℃;

CleanRite Multiscrubber Zachte Opzetborstel.

Art nr.534
1 Stuk
Designed for areas: Carpet, Upholstery, Apparel Staining, Painted Surfaces, Sensitive/Delicate Wooden/Glass Surfaces

CleanRite Multiscrubber Medium Opzetborstel.

Art nr.532
1 Stuk
Designed for areas: Tab Bases, Levers, Tile Grouting, Cooker Hobs, Dials, Rings, Toilet Hinges, Shower Grouting, Door Tracks, Shower Heads, Sink & Bath Plugholes, Sealant Edging, Window Sills & Frames, Skirting Board, Vents, Handles

CleanRite Multiscrubber Scrubbie Opzetborstel.

Art nr.535
1 Stuk
Attachment of Scrubbie pads necessary before cleaning

CleanRite Multi Scrubber.

Art nr.530
1 stuk + 2 opzetborstels
Set contains: Large brush head + 1 extra cone bristle; Material: ABS, TPE, POM and nylon, Battery: 4 x AA (incl.) Alkaline LR6 1.5V, 10.000 Scrubs PM

Soft For Hands Automatische zeepdispenser.

Art nr.280
1 stuk
Capacity 350ml, 4x 1,5V/ AAA (not incl.), with LED indicator, No drip technology

CleanRite Multiscrubber Conische Opzetborstel.

Art nr.533
1 Stuk
Designed for areas: Gaps between taps & basins, Edging around plugholes, Gaps between toilet hinges & faucets, Corners(around baths, tiling, ovens, microwaves & fridges)

Automatische Zeepdispenser RVS.

Art nr.1900
1 stuk
Capacity: 220ml; Product size: 105x75X190mm; Infrared sensor function, Automatic sensor drop the Liquid Soap, avoid cross infection

CleanRite Multiscrubber Grote Opzetborstel.

Art nr.531
1 Stuk
Designed for areas: Cooker Hobs, Oven, Microwave, Fridge Walls, Sink, Bathrooms, Toilet Faucets, Rims, Lids, Tiles and Tiling

Handy Garment Steamer.

Art nr.1036
1 stuk
220V-240V 50Hz 600W, Watertank: 100ml, continuous steam working 6 min with electric pump

Stoomreiniger set.

Art nr.2058
1 st + 9 accessoires
10 pieces set, with EU 5m power plug; Rating power: 1500; Rating Voltage: 220v-240v/120v;Freguency: 50/60HZ; Water tankcapacity: 350ml; Adjustable steam

CleanRite Multiscrubber Schuursponjes Zwaar Werk .

Art nr.536
To attach on the Scrubbie Head

CleanRite Multiscrubber Schuursponjes Medium Werk.

Art nr.537
To attach on the Scrubbie Head

CleanRite Multiscrubber Schuursponjes Anti Kras.

Art nr.538
To attach on the Scrubbie Head

CleanRite Multiscrubber Zachte Schuursponsjes.

Art nr.539
To attach on the Scrubbie Head

CleanRite Multi Scrubber Opzetborstel Kit.

Art nr.541
1x Smal Opzetborstel, 1x Sponshouder, 4x Sponsjes
1x smal brushhead, 1x spongeholder head and 4 different sponges

Portable Garment Steamer.

Art nr.S-0561
1 stuk
Watertank 60ml, Including fabric brush, 7 different colors, Compact and light, easy for traveling